Increasing Technology through Professional Development


2008-2009 Technology Session Survey Results


  • Sessions are scheduled from 3:30pm - 5:00pm and held in room 129 of the HS unless otherwise stated.
  • You need to attend a total of 5 sessions during the school year.
  • Each session does provide Act 48 credit as long as you return your form and remember to sign it.

2008-2009 Schedule

  • Classroom Wiki-space (August 2008)
    • You will create a wiki-space to demonstrate what is happening in your classroom. A wikispace is similar to a regular webpage however it is free for K-12 purposes and has no advertising. You can add as many pages as you like with pictures, files, and links.

  • MS Publisher and MS Excel (September 2008)
    • Participants will use MS Publisher to create a brochure, calendar and a newsletter. You will also see how to create other items such as business cards, regular cards, bookmarks, etc.
    • Participants will use MS Excel to manipulate data. Users will practice the basics of Excel, as well as create simple graphs of given data.

  • Blogging (September 2008)
    • Participants will learn how to incorporate a blog into their classroom. A blog is similar to a regular website and is very easy to use. It can be used in your classroom in a variety of ways. This service is free and moderate computer skills are really all you need to get up and running. Check out for some ideas.

  • Smart Board – Using the Smart Notebook (October 2008)
    • Participants will learn to use the smart board as more than a white presentation screen. You will learn about the software - smart notebook that is found within the smart board tools. Users will create their own smart notebook activity as well as manipulate pre-made lessons.

  • Power Point Basics (November 2008)
    • This is a basic level PowerPoint training. In this session you will learn what PowerPoint is, how it can be used in your classroom, and how to create your own PowerPoint presentations. This will be a very basic training, and if you know how to use PowerPoint this may not be for you.

  • Using the Internet (January 2009)
    • There are a lot of ways you can use the internet in your classroom, but this training will focus on Google Docs, YouTube, educational games, and improving study hall for students with no other work (if they have computer access). Google Docs is a program similar to Microsoft Word, but it is internet based so you don’t need any software at home to use it!

  • Google Earth; Pod-Casts; Webquests (February 2009)
    • Google Earth- this program is a free download that allows you to travel around the world with a few clicks of the mouse. This is an outstanding piece of software, and the training will be on a basic level.
    • Podcasting- A podcast is basically a voice recording that gets put on the internet. This is a great alternative assessment tool for your students who aren’t great writers although may be better at speaking. This could really benefit students with IEP’s at the middle/high school level.
    • Webquests- A webquest is an educational activity in which learners read, analyze, and synthesize information using the internet to take them on a learning adventure. Students are given specific websites to view that will provide them the needed information to meet the desired task(s). They then use their research to complete a given assessment.

  • Digital Storytelling through Photo Story (using Digital Cameras and Scanners) (March 2009)
    • Participants will learn how to create a digital story through the use of the software photo story. Users will be creating their own stories from given pictures as well as their own pictures. There will also be discussion on using a digital camera and scanner. Photo stories will then be collated into creating a DVD.

Added Sessions

  • Smart Board Training (August 2008)
  • Study Island (Septemeber 2008)
  • Accelerated Reader (October 2008)
  • Moving Web 2.0 Into the Classroom (October 2008)
  • Discovery Streaming (December 2008)
  • Wiki/Blog Review (March 2009)
  • Personal Learning Network (April 2009)

Current Sessions - None

  • There are no sessions currently scheduled for the remainder of this year. Plans are currently being made for next year.

Future Ideas

    • Web 2.0 Tools - Classwide interactive whiteboards
    • Concept Mapping/Organizing Research - Inspiration/Kidspiration and
    • Personal Learning Networks
    • Google Docs/Google Calendar/iGoogle/Google Reader

Training Requests

Professional Chat during Technology SessionsUse this link to share ideas, opinions, and resources that apply to a given presentation.

Email Questions and/or Concerns to:
Garry Black, MS/HS Technology Coach
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